About Catzrcute: Sometimes you just get the sads, and that's okay. Let the sads happen. It makes me happy that Melanie Martinez has a gap in her front teeth. Makes me feel better about my own. "Don't take this wrong, but your trembling is adorable." "And then we started the tradition of FUCK YOU." AWH, FUNDAMENTALISM. Peace, love, egg. "I literally don't give a nun's hymen why you're doing it; just do it." "Welcome to FUCK YOU." --Cry Hey, nobody likes a quitter! It's not called being gay, it's called being FABULOUS. "Hey, wanna hear a story? GO FUCK YOURSELF! :D" --Pewdiepie "The inside of your brain is a deathtrap, isn't it?" --Kikai "I just ran out of fucks to give." --Pewdiepie "To, too, and two each have different correct contextual meanings... You know what? Fuck it. Type like a retard."